As part of our mission to shape knowledge on the use of intelligent technologies for effective business strategies, SAIL offers courses and seminars to the wider ETH Zurich community. These include:

– Practicing Strategy (Prof. Georg von Krogh, Dr. Thomas Gersdorf, and Dr. Chan Hyung Park. See more.

– Industry and Competitive Analysis (Dr. Patrick Tinguley). See more.

– Innovation Theory and Research: Innovation in the Digital Space (Prof. Georg von Krogh and Prof. Yash Raj Shrestha). See more.

– Management of AI in Organizations (Prof. Yash Raj Shrestha). See more.

Master thesis supervised

SAIL is committed to supporting students through research projects together with companies. The range of topics has been broad, please find below the list of the most recent thesis supervised:

2020: Managing Disease Diagnoses with Structured and Unstructured Clinical Data by Leopold Franz

2020: Augmented foresight: Leveraging artificial intelligence in human strategic decision-making by Minh-Kha Nguyen

2019: Improving Human-AI complementarity for strategic decision making guided by digital platforms by Karina Lucchesi

2018: Building Competitive Intelligence Using Social Media Analytics – A Comparison of the Banking and Fintech Industry in Switzerland by Alfred Pucher

2018: When Corporate Agile Meets Open Source: Contrasting Knowledge Integration and Documentation Practices Data by Apurva Maduskar

2018: AI: How well structured data empowers business to benefit from machine learning by Martin Buttenschön

2017: Open Source Strategy for Swiss Telecommunication infrastructure industry: Impact on strategic resources by Matthias Stenske

2017: The Impact of an Open Source Hardware Strategy for 5G Technology to the Telecom Industry and a major Swiss Telecommunications Provider by Mikko Leimio

2016: To What Extent Are Service Providers Currently Employing “Bring your own Identity” (BYOID) Functionalities? Can Swisscom AG Become a Player in the Identity Landscape? Assessment of the Potential of an Identity Broker Service. by Manuel S. Maisch

2016: Competing with giants: Artificial Intelligence as a threat or an opportunity for the swiss TIME industry? by Matteo Frondoni

2016: Start-up acquisitions in the open source software space: What is the effect on community dynamics ? by David Roegiers

2016: Online learning of user preferences with applications for online marketplaces by Christoph Hirnschall

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