Our team is actively working on the challenges and opportunities that arise from the development of artificial intelligence. Our activities include the exploration of how to redesign organisations to efficiently benefit from the automation of knowledge work and decision-making; the investigation of how to do better organisation science with AI and the evaluation of how the conversation on organisational responsibilities during the innovation process is changing. Topics researched include: AI for qualitative research; AI for decision-making; AI-augmented creativity; Algorithm accountability; Open-source development of AI.

Recent publications

All publications

Tinguely, P., Shrestha, Y. R. and von Krogh, G. (2020) How Does Your Labor Force React to COVID-19? Employing Social Media Analytics for Preemptive Decision Making. California Management Review Insights.

Shrestha, Y. R., He, V. F., Puranam, P. and von Krogh, G., (Forthcoming) Algorithm Supported Induction for Building Theory: How Can We Use Prediction Models to Theorize? Organization Science

Shrestha, Y. R., Ben-Menahem, S. M., & von Krogh, G. (2019). Organizational Decision-Making Structures in the Age of Artificial Intelligence. California Management Review61(4), 66-83.

von Krogh, G. (2018). Artificial intelligence in organizations: New opportunities for phenomenon-based theorizing. Academy of Management Discoveries.

Shrestha, Y. R., & Yang, Y. (2019). Fairness in Algorithmic Decision-Making: Applications in Multi-Winner Voting, Machine Learning, and Recommender Systems. Algorithms12(9), 199.

He. F., Puranam P., Shrestha Y. R., & von Krogh, G. (forthcoming) Resolving governance disputes in communities: A study of license decisions in OSS projects. Strategic Management Journal

Tinguely, P., Shrestha, Y. R. and von Krogh, G. Black Lives Matter! Digital Resilience in the Face of Social Movements, Working Paper

Tinguely, P., Shrestha, Y. R. and von Krogh, G. Employee Voluntary Turnover under COVID-19 – Clinging to their Job or Seizing the Opportunity?, Working Paper

Shrestha, Y. R., Vilar, E., & von Krogh, G. (WP). Data Science application for Qualitative Research: A case study. Work in Progress

Shrestha, Y. R., Feuerriegel,S., & von Krogh, G. (WP). Managing AI accountability. Working Paper

Shrestha, Y. R., Krishna, V., & von Krogh, G. (2020). Augmenting Organizational Decision Making with Deep Learning Algorithms: An Illustrative Tutorial. Journal of Business Research

Krishna, V., Shrestha, Y. R & von Krogh, G. Understanding Knowledge Seeking behavior in Online Communities, Working Paper

Vilar, E., Shrestha, Y. R & von Krogh, G. Tacit knowledge transfer in online communities: Implications for Artificial Intelligence, Working Paper

Vilar, E., Shrestha, Y. R & von Krogh, G. Governance, Artificial Intelligence, and Biases in Decision-Making, Working Paper

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